QUAN 2101, Fall 2023
Unit 4: Quantum Romantics

Ranger Liu

Lecture I: Foundations of Quantum Romantics

Lecture I is intended as an introduction to the mathematics and concepts of quantum romantics, drawing heavily from our previous study of quantum mechanics as a parallel movement from the classical to the quantum. I've also included some discussion about quantum semiotics (mainly ontological causality) in the context of quantum romantics.

As always, you can download this week's lecture materials below. Please complete Problem Set 4.1 before class this Thursday, and be prepared for our usual problem session. Homework solutions will be posted below on Friday.


Lecture I Transcript (Full)
Materials for Lecture I (Full): facing, single

Contents and Schedule (pp. 1-2): facing, single
Lecture I Notes (pp. 3-21): facing, single
Problem Set 4.1 (pp. 22-36): facing, single
Supplementary Notes (pp. 37-47): facing, single
Chalkboards (pp. 49-59): facing, single
Further Reading (p. 61), also listed below.

Problem Set 4.1 Solutions (coming soon)

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